Friday, January 1, 2016

happy 2016

another crazy year has come and gone, and this one was a doozy. in a nutshell, i moved out of platte city, got two new jobs at two different hospitals, got fantastically sick, saw some dear friends get married, moved to a new building/position at one hospital, got a new niece, and did a lot of growing and changing. it's always interesting to sit down and think about everything that happened in the last year, and contemplate what will come in the next year.

some of my friendships fell apart over the last year, some grew stronger, while others still didn't make it through the year at all. i have no doubt that all of these things happened for a specific reason, and i am so thankful for them, whether i realize why it happened or not. when i think about it, i try to find something i can learn from all of those people.

moving out was a big thing for me. the 17 is actually my move in anniversary. it was a big step, but i have to admit, it is so great to come home to my own place. it's hard for me to not be a hermit, and i try very hard to make sure i'm not a 100% hermit. the introvert in me finds it so much easier to sit at home with netflix or a book and just curl up on the couch. but that's not where friendships and life happen, so i try to force myself to go out.

i have been loving my positions at the hospitals. february is my anniversary at one, and april is my anniversary at the other. they have been great opportunities. one hospital is the same one my dad works at, and i try to make sure i do a good job, not just because i take pride in my job, but because i want to make sure my dad is proud of me as well. (i am even thinking about signing up for some classes and trying to get in to pharmacy school, but at the same time i am scared of letting him down) in october we opened up a new pharmacy for an ambulatory building (outpatient clinics and some outpatient surgeries as well) it's going extremely slow right now, but we are starting to pick up as more clinics open. i am ready for the whole thing to be open though.

july i felt like i had the plague, turned out it was just mono. i'm not good at being sick, i had an impossible time accepting the face that i was tired for no reason. i already knew i wasn't good at being sick, i learned i'm even worse at being sick when i'm on my own. i felt like death for a month, but thankfully i eventually got over it. took forever to even get diagnosed correctly.

this seemed to be the fall of weddings this year. some sweet friends from church got married in august, and i got to go with a great guy friend and have a blast just hanging out and catching up with other people who go to different services. then in november my life long friend got married and i got to help photograph it. it was a great opportunity and i felt very privileged to get to be a part of her special day and help her get ready. i'll have a sneak peak of that one up later.

three weeks ago my best friend gave birth to sweet baby girl, and i cannot wait to see them next week and cuddle her for a few days. i was so excited to go to work and tell them i had a new niece. the wait to see them has been ever worse since she was born. i am so excited to get her in my arms. between her and nash (the son of my good friend from church) i have some cute amazing babies in my life right now. thea's birth is possibly the best way to leave 2015 and will for sure be the best way to spend my birthday. only one thing would be better: spending my birthday with my blood niece and nephew.

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