Thursday, February 21, 2013

snowmageddon 2013

wow it's been a while. i've been so busy with both jobs, plus school, plus church/small group. i feel like i hardly have any time to do anything. i really miss working out and running, and haven't really had a chance to do anything for about a month. until today.

kansas city got hit pretty hard with what the news was calling snowmageddon. (kinda funny if you ask me) up here at the airport, we got about 7.6 inches the last i heard, but we are still expected to get a few more inches. we will see what it's like before i go to bed. but like all of the town got a snow day out of it haha. i went in to the y this morning only to be told we were closing in like 20 minutes. i stayed and helped close before heading back home. probably would have been smarter if i left right when i was told, but oh well. i still made it up the driveway this time without help from my brother, and didn't leave for the rest of the day. i called into my other job and luckily they were okay with me not coming in.

thankfully this was a pretty dry snow, so it was fairly easy to shovel until we got to the bottom, where it gets packed. brother and i shoveled to help mom get in the driveway. she came home early from work, and said she shouldn't have even gone in. dad is spending the night in leavenworth tonight. we will see if any of us make it in to work tomorrow.

so many cars and trucks got stuck on the high ways, making it hard for the plows to get around. the scout cams showed the highways as parking lots. it was crazy today. this morning we got thundersnow, which is part of why it was crazy. like at 730 there was just a dusting, and then at 1030-11ish we had like 4 or 5 inches.

around 11am

in other news. i'm totally loving my new job. it's a great change of pace from the y. sadly, like i said, i don't have time to work out lately, and it's kinda killing me. (i am claiming shoveling the driveway with brother counts as my workout today) i didn't realize how much i liked it until i can't do it. still planning on doing a 5k or two this summer. i will probably be doing the dam to dam in iowa at the start of june with my aunt again. and probably also the glow run again at the end of june. i can't wait til june, because it will also mean it's time to fly to michigan to see the bff get married! i can't wait! plus it means hot weather and no snow. and maybe by then i will have fully embraced my curly hair. i decided to start embracing it and not straighten it. i've been doing good this week. 

what it looked like sunday. 

also last night my small group went bowling with another young adult group. it was great to just hang out and let loose with everyone. and last week dad took mom and i over to ku and we got to watch the band of the scots guards and the pipes, drums, and highland dancers of the black watch of the 3rd battalion. it was so awesome to watch. (and yes, those "pipes" are bagpipes!) it was a blast and an amazing way to spend a friday night. 

patriotic jayhawk with the flag, on the turnpike. 

so this guy is a clarinet player from the irish guards, who got to come on tour with them.

also, my baby bubba turned two yesterday. crazy to think he's two already! 

sorry for the randomness of this post. hopefully i have time to be more consistent with this. how have y'all been doing lately? miss y'all!

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