Saturday, March 2, 2013 pictures

so february was kind of a crazy month. i started my second job, and started transitioning out of the y. all of this along with classes, small group, church, and attempting to spend time with family. aside from small group, i don't get to see friend often which essentially translates into never seeing them. but i was able to do a photo-a-day challenge, which is an accomplishment in itself for me these days.

day 28: something i am looking forward to. 

in other news, today was the monthly leadership meeting for church. in three short weeks, we are launching a third campus in brookside. crazy that in the 5 years restore has been around, we are now at three campuses. (happy 5 year birthday to restore, it was march 2, 2008 that the church was launched in kansas city) 

also, i haven't straightened my hair in two weeks. HUGE accomplishment for me. it's hard learning to embrace the curls i have naturally, but i'm slowly figuring it out. there are days i still want to straighten it. but i know if i do it will lead to me straightening it every day again. so for now i'm trying my hardest to feel comfortable and confident in my curls. how are things going for you?

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