Monday, January 5, 2015

year 25

instead of setting my goal/resolutions/word on new years day, i wait a week and start at my birthday instead. i figure this way i have a week to game plan, which is something this girl needs.

so, let's start with my word for my 25th year: confidence. all my life, i have had this bad habit of comparing myself to others which has given me this horribly low confidence level. thankfully, i have great friends who have been encouraging me with this. to do this, i am going to limit my time on social media, including things such as facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter. the last two i am hardly on, so that won't be a problem. the first two are a lot harder. at least for this birthday week, i will not be on facebook. we will see if this even leads to getting rid of them all together, minus instagram. 

i have also set some goals to achieve during this 25th year. 

1. read more: since i am now done with school, i actually have time to read for fun. if you didn't already know, i hated reading until i was 19, when my niece was born and i had to fill a 13 hour car ride to go see her. but over the past few years, i have really learned to enjoy it. so i want to expand my reading through the next year. 
this is the book i started last night 

2. cook more: i have always liked being in the kitchen and cooking. i like cooking more than baking, since there are less trips into the kitchen to put things in and out of the oven. i need to work on my health and fitness, and this will help rather than eating out as much. also, with me moving out on my own soon, i won't be able to live if i eat out all the time. i am pretty confident in the kitchen (it's like the one thing i am actually confident in) and i want to become better and more versatile in the kitchen. (i can keep the boy happy that way) i will also be drinking more water and less soda if i cook instead. 

3. walk more/get a workout routine: this goes with working on my health and fitness also. my mom got me a fit bit for christmas and my daily goal is 5,000 steps a day. depending on the day, i can reach that goal, but other days i am way off. i want to get back into running also. when i move, i will actually have sidewalks to run on, which will be a nice change. i will also be trying to work to incorporate weight lifting and stretching into my routine. the goal is that along with this i will start to lose some weight. 

4. get connected at desperation: this is the saturday night church that i started going to in the summer. i fully intend to continue going there, and so i need to get more connected there. i know very few people there right now, and i am determined for that to change. there is a group that meets on tuesday nights that people my age. i need to see what time it is at and hopefully i can start attending that as well. 
this is my fantastic small group from restore

if you could help keep me accountable on these, that would be great! 

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