Tuesday, April 15, 2014

happy jackie robinson day!

as all of you may or may not know, i love  baseball. easily my favorite sport to watch. it's such a fun game, it's a game i understand, and it's a great excuse to spend time with friends and family in the sunny, humid, kansas city summer weather. although somehow, until yesterday, i never realized that april 15 was jackie robinson day, since april 15, 1947 was his debut in the major leagues with the brooklyn dodgers. where have i been?! so being the cheese-ball person that i am, i'm currently watching 42, which is a great movie anyways. i feel like there's not really a lot i can say about jackie robinson that hasn't already been said.

1945 kc monarchs team. guess which one is jackie 

a lot of my summer memories take place at kauffman stadium, watching the kansas city royals play ball. i always get excited to even think about baseball games. even at small group on sunday, some of us girls were talking about how we should make a small group trip to some baseballs games, even catch a buck night or two (and get fat off of hotdogs for a buck each)
finally got a holland jersey thanks to my daddy. and no personalizing fee!

kc also has a triple a team, the t-bones. those games are a blast because they are smaller, so you can sit closer to the action. they have a field behind outfield where you can sit and the little kids can run around.

well, i hope you all continue to have a great jackie robinson day!

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